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Warm Climate and Ultra Low Carbon Glistenarias

No freezer? No cold nights? Find a clear round plastic juice bottle and a smaller-diameter clear plastic soda bottle. Cut the tops off so the smaller bottle sits down inside the larger one. Glue the bottom of the smaller bottle into the inside bottom of the larger one. Fill the space between with water. Put a tealight inside in the middle. Voila: an ice-less glistenaria. Or just cut the middle out of a clear, two-liter soda bottle to make a plastic tube. The tube will protect your candle from wind and help make it shine. We've experimented with battery-powered candles; we charge the batteries with solar chargers. Some of the battery-powered candles do flicker convincingly, but so far we haven't found any that glow with the warmth of a real candle. We're sure, however, that LED manufacturers will eventually be able to closely mimic the colors of a candle flame. The ideal, most-planet-friendly Glistenarias will of course be the ones with solar-powered light.
 Glistenaria with battery-powered candles
These rings are illuminated by a string of battery-powered (solar charged) holiday lights.